BVG Exchange – facilitating the exchange of data in the second pillar

Heaps of paperwork involving departure data? – There is an easier way: with the BVG Exchange digital platform, affiliation data of insured persons is transferred between occupational benefits institutions and vested benefits institutions in a standardised manner. Free of charge.

Swiss pension funds and 2nd pillar insurers – more than 1'300 institutions in total – exchange data with each other thousands of times a day: employees change jobs, leave occupational benefits institutions and join new funds. 

These exchanges still usually take place by post. The manual transfer of data to the new administration system is time-consuming, prone to errors and harbours security vulnerabilities. The administrative workload and asset management expenses are high.

The solution is digitisation. The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution manages 1.5 million vested benefits accounts, which is why the automation and standardisation of the exchange of data is particularly important to us. Since 2012, we have been operating the BVG Exchange platform, which we developed ourselves, for digitally exchanging vested benefits of insured persons, and we invite all interested occupational benefits institutions to join it free of charge.

The more institutions use BVG Exchange and thus jointly define an industry standard, the simpler, more efficient, cheaper and more secure it will be to exchange data with each other – to the benefit of the insured persons.

A single platform instead of numerous interfaces

Our Services

The transfer of data – digitally, quickly, securely and free of charge – has been standard practice for years. In addition, the BVG Exchange team is continuously developing the offer on an ongoing basis and adapts it to the needs of pension providers, so that they can administer the retirement savings capital of their insured persons even more efficiently.

Departures: exchanging data of departing insured persons in a standardised manner – since 2012. Planned further development: transfer of entire affiliations.

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Departures and admissions: the new pension fund of departed employees is found automatically – since July 2024.

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Secure cash flow: verified payment details for transferring vested benefits to another occupational benefits institution or vested benefits institution – from 2025. 

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Intense exchange of data via BVG Exchange

These occupational benefits institutions are currently affiliated with BVG Exchange and manage the data of their insured persons electronically. List

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The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution as the initiator

As a non-profit organisation, we insure on behalf of the federal government all employers and individuals who wish to join the mandatory occupational benefits scheme. Over 1.5 million clients have a vested benefits account with us. As a neutral partner, we deal with practically all institutions involved in occupational benefits. This makes it all the more important to us to professionalise and standardise the administration and exchange of insured persons’ data. That is why we launched BVG Exchange in 2012..

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The Concept

What our clients say

«The interface to BVG Exchange enables our clients to handle the joining and departure processes more efficiently. Digital delivery and receipt can save costs and increase data quality.»


Fredy Tschui
Member of the Executive Board

«Exchanging data electronically with BVG Exchange makes the departure process easier and helps us to save valuable resources. Finally, it also results in more efficient and standardised processes.»


Marco Felix
Pension Fund Manager

«Exchanging data digitally via the BVG Exchange platform ensures greater efficiency in the execution of processes and at the same time provides for higher data quality. It provides added value for the entire sector and for the insured persons in particular.»


Arijana Zuta
Head of Customer and Benefits Services

«Several 100'000 admissions and departures every year – there is immense potential for increasing both the data quality and the efficiency of the entire industry with BVG Exchange. The pension funds have more time for their clients.»


Fabian Thommen

Dr. Wechsler & Partner
«BVG Exchange enables our clients to implement joining and departure processes more efficiently. This greatly simplifies the exchange of data between occupational benefits institutions.»


Peter Schneider
Partner, Head of Customer Care

Pension fund Softech AG
«BVG Exchange transfers the departure information completely digitally. This makes the process much simpler and quicker and guarantees the completeness of the data. It also saves resources such as printing, paper and postage.»


Luca Casanova
Member of the Executive Board

«BVG Exchange offers an efficient way of transferring the data on individual and collective departures to the new occupational benefits institution responsible. In addition to the administrative processing, we were also impressed by the expert technical support.»


Angela Fusco
Specialist in occupational benefits

«The BVG Exchange interface allows data to be exchanged digitally between occupational benefits institutions and thus ensures greater efficiency in the execution of business processes together with an improvement in the quality of data.»


Marcel Jürgens
Member of the Executive Board

«The electronic exchange of data with BVG Exchange has become an established part of our joining and departure process. By exchanging data digitally, we can speed up business processes and improve data quality.»


Daniela Thalmann

«The electronic exchange of data between occupational benefits institutions has great potential. BVG Exchange is ideal for increasing the quality and efficiency of notices of termination. The platform guarantees the necessary level of confidentiality and neutrality.»

Hans-Jörg Scheitlin
Co-founder, Marketing & Business Development

M&S Software Engineering
«Using BVG Exchange increases efficiency in the management of our occupational benefits institution. The time saved allows us to invest more time in advising and supporting our clients.»


Dr Christoph Brügger
Managing Director

ptv cpat
«We want to make the departure processes even more efficient in order to optimise administrative costs. It therefore makes sense for us to use the already established BVG Exchange service.»


Markus Wicki
Deputy Actuarial Manager

«BVG Exchange enables the efficient processing of departures where the transfer instructions are not received on time. As more and more occupational benefits institutions process their departures via this platform, its use is becoming even more appealing.»


Markus Koch
Managing Director
Pension Fund of the Emil Frey Group

«Using standards for exchanging data via BVG Exchange helps to reduce media disruption and costs. When people join and leave the company, the automated transfer of information brings a real increase in efficiency and enables high-quality process handling.»


Volker Schmidt
Acting Managing Director 

«More efficient workflows, lower error rates, data transmitted consistently and immediately, less paper used – BVG Exchange provides an increasingly large amount of added value for us.»


Patrick Nasciuti
Management, Head of Pension Fund Administration Department

«Digitisation is a key element of our success. This also includes participating in the exchange of data via BVG Exchange in order to be able to handle our processes digitally, efficiently and to a high standard.»


Philipp Sutter


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