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11 June 2024
From 1 January 2025: adjustment of risk contributions
The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution is standardising and simplifying the risk contributions. The majority of customers will benefit from lower contributions.
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23 May 2024
Attention: fraudulent calls
In French-speaking Switzerland in particular, there has recently been an increase in telephone calls from people posing as employees of the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution.
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15 February 2024
Are you in control of your pension fund assets?
Have your pension fund assets kept up with all your job changes? Enquire at - simply and free of charge.
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9 February 2024
BVG Exchange accelerates data exchange between pension funds
The platform operated by the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution simplifies the exchange of data on vested benefits among Swiss pension funds.
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18 January 2024
Current delays in contacting Client Service
During the processing of your annual statements of account, the Client Service department will be available to you as follows.
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29 December 2023
What changes will occur with the Reform AHV 21
In future, the so-called reference age will be standardised. What does this mean for our insured customers? And what is there to say about retirement for men and women? Find out more in this news.
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9 December 2023
Interest rate and pension adjustments
The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution is set to grant additional interest on retirement savings capital in the area of pension provision for 2023 under BVG/LPP. Moreover, interest rates have been set from 1 January 2024. Pensions will be adjusted for inflation in accordance with the law.
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9 December 2023
New employer’s portal: Process requests quickly and easily
Your new employer’s portal is online. You can now view, edit and export your employee information online and reduce your administrative tasks.
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9 December 2023
Welcome to our new website!
In addition to the usual facilities such as online services, web forms or pension regulations, we now also offer you a comprehensive and informative career area.
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