Occupational fields

More than 200 people from various specialist areas work for the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution. The professions in our interdisciplinary teams are correspondingly diverse.

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Career opportunities with us

Management or specialist careers – both are possible. We support our employees individually and according to their abilities. During this process, they are actively encouraged and supported by generous training and further education opportunities.

With us, you will receive wide-ranging training in the areas of commercial activities and IT application development. After the apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to gain even more knowledge and experience in a junior role, subject to certain requirements. This will ensure you are ideally equipped for the job market. 

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As an experienced person in your field, you will work together with your colleagues to help to fulfil our mission and benefit from a variety of tasks.

As a highly skilled worker, you will deal with interesting issues in the areas of BVG/LPP, finance, investments, law, human resources, communications or logistics. In IT, you will develop new solutions in agile teams, optimise processes for our platform and ensure that the infrastructure runs stably and securely.

As a manager, you will work together with your team to ensure the foundation’s systemically relevant performance mandate. You will coach and support your employees and provide the relevant degree of independence and creative freedom – always keeping an eye on achieving your goals. It goes without saying that we will support you in your managerial role, for example with targeted training and further education programmes as well as management and executive workshops.


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Vocational training

Apprenticeship as a Commercial Employee, Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (a) or Information Technologist, Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (a). An apprenticeship with us will ensure you are optimally prepared for the future.

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