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Are you in control of your pension fund assets?

As soon as you are in paid employment with an insured salary, you save for your pension assets and make monthly contributions to the 2nd pillar (BVG). In the event of a work interruption, you are responsible for transferring your assets yourself.

Have your pension fund assets kept up with all your job changes?

Student job? Temporary position? Second income? Sabbatical in between jobs, relocation abroad? Or just a change of job? And did you forget to transfer your pension assets to your new pension fund?

At the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution, we manage such forgotten assets, so-called «undeliverable accounts» connected to occupational benefits.


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You can find out if such an account belongs to you – easily and free of charge – by submitting a query to Central Office (2nd pillar) of the LOB Guarantee Fund:

How are vested benefits accrued?