Commercial Employee, Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, services & administration (a)

You will be part of our team from the very beginning. You will assume commercial tasks in various departments such as Customer Service, Benefits Services, Accounting and Human Resources.

Duration of apprenticeship

Three years


Six weeks plus paid youth and sport camps

  • 1. Year of apprenticeship: CHF 800 gross
  • 2. Year of apprenticeship: CHF 1'000 gross
  • 3. Year of apprenticeship: CHF 1'500 gross

You will receive a 13th month’s salary. This is paid out on a pro rata basis (depending on the date of joining and leaving the company) in December.

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What we offer

Materials and courses

We will pay for all your books, school fees, courses and qualifications relating to your education.

Language stays

We cover the costs of compulsory language stays.


We organise fantastic events such as ping-pong battles, friendly football tournaments, the annual apprentice excursion as well as team outings and Christmas meals.

Advanced specialist training

You can attend such training courses part time once you have started in a junior position following your apprenticeship at the foundation.

Junior position

If everything works out, you will have the prospect of a junior position with us after completing your apprenticeship at the foundation.

Half-fare travelcard

We will give you a free half-fare travelcard to help you stay mobile in both your professional and private lives. You can also use the amount to pay for a point-to-point travelcard or a GA travelcard.


We will provide you with Lunch-Checks to pay for your meals. These will save you money in many places.


Treat yourself to discounted holidays and leisure activities.

Fields of application

First year of apprenticeship

Front office writing and front office telephony

Second year of apprenticeship

Back office BVG/LPP and Human Resources

Third year of apprenticeship

Deployment depending on the option chosen: Finance, national language, first foreign language or technology


Do you have any questions?

Susanne Schoepke
Senior HR Manager /
Vocational Training Officer

+ 41 44 468 22 12



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