Pension calculator

You can use this "pension calculator" to calculate the approximate amount of your contributions and benefits.

Important information

  • The amount of your contributions and benefits depends on your individual situation (salary, retirement savings, marital status, age, etc.) and on the applicable regulations (laws, ordinances, regulations, pension plans, annexes, etc.). These parameters change regularly. Therefore, a precise calculation of the amount of your contributions and benefits can only be provided when they become due. For this reason, only the calculations communicated to you individually by the BVG Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution are binding. The results produced by the pension calculator are thus for information purposes only and are not binding. 
  • If the vested benefits transferred exceed the maximum amount as per the annex to the pension plan, the portion exceeding this amount is credited to the additional account and paid out as a lump sum. Moreover, in the "unemployment" and "continuation of risk insurance for the unemployed" pension plans no retirement benefits are insured and no voluntary purchases are possible.

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